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Adult Guide to Escorts

Everyone who uses escorts, had to at some point, have a first time. Like allot of other first times, this can be a bit daunting and all sorts of fears and misconceptions can creep in.

But to be reading this article, you must pretty interested and ready to take the next step, and hopefully this guide will give you a good insight and help ease some of those nerves.

Escorting is not prostitution and anything that you both decide will happen outside of your date, is both to your own discretion.

Escorts are ladies, and sometimes men, who offer their time to a client to date. People will often seek out an escort for many reasons, but remember that an escort is a person and does what they do because they enjoy the company of the person they are with, so therefore need to be treated with the respect to make your time together enjoyable and insure both parties are satisfied.

It is always a good start to use a reputable escort agency as opposed to independent escorts. The ladies that work for the agencies will have reviews and have better accommodation should you be travelling to meet them. It is not uncommon for someone visiting an independent escort to arrive at a venue which is often unclean and unsafe, and while the the client is being entertained, other flatmates will go through personal belongings. It is better to look for quality rather than thinking you are getting a good deal with a cheaper un-vetted escort.

The internet is a great place to find escort agencies. Also look in the adult Guide To London for more reputable agencies. Once you find an escort agency, you can often look on-line at the different women and you will be able to read lots of reviews and see photos. There are many different women who work for agencies, so if you have a specific taste in lady, you are almost certain to find someone who you find attractive near where you are.

Calling the agency for the first time can be a big hurdle, but rest assured that the people on the other end of the phone, only want to help and make your experience the best it can be and will be non judgemental and pleased to hear from you. So be clear about what you want, ask questions about the accommodation, parking and bathroom facilities. Usually the ladies will live not too far from public transport in a clean safe environment, but make sure its in an area you are comfortable with.
Also, and I think most importantly, agree everything beforehand. Cost, what you would like to do, or any special requests like certain clothes you like a lady to wear, or no perfume etc. Make sure that if you are taking a lady out to dinner or to a party, that it is ok, and give details about where you will be going. This saves embarrassment for yourself and for the lady you agree to meet and also keeps both of you safe.

Paying for a ladies time can be the most awkward part for the client, so agree a payment method and price early on. Some companies accept cards, but most people will prefer to pay cash. Also be sure as to when to pay.

As ladies love to be treated like ladies, make sure that if you want to buy gifts or flowers, that it is OK with the escort as some of the ladies may for some reason want to practice discretion due to their own lifestyles, or some may just be happy with a kind tip.

Lastly, make sure your clean before meeting your date. If you are coming from work or such like, check to see if its ok to use the facilities at the place your visiting. Your date will clean and fresh and will always appreciate the same from the person she is meeting.

Guide to Independent Escorts in London

Cora Skinner appears in Savvy.comWhy choose independent escorts in London?

There are many good reasons to choose an independent London escort over an agency girl and they are as follows:

Independent escorts can often be much cheaper. This is a major bonus if you’re a regular escort goer. These girls don’t have agency fees to pay and many of them are incall only, so when you get one like this they don’t even have any travel expenses to pay either.

Where can you find independent escorts?

You can find them advertised in local newspapers, some regional magazines and on the internet. Many of these independent escorts like to advertise locally simply because of the whole travelling thing (if they visit) and you can find them in your own local papers. Not all your local papers will advocate this sort of stuff though, but if you search long and hard enough.

Another great place to look is of course The Adult Guide to London. We are the usually the first place people go to look for an independent escort in London and the suburbs.

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Must Know Tips About London Escort Agencies.

1. Make sure the website looks good.
This may not seem to be very important, but if you’re planning on booking an escort girl from an escort agency website then you really need to make sure that the website looks good and it’s easy to navigate. If a London escort agency is prepared to spend enough of their hard earned money on good website development then they are sure to take your business a little more seriously too.

A good website will offer clear images of the girls available, their services and their prices too. There should be a booking line that you can call to ask any questions you want and preferably some terms and conditions of service, or at least some articles explaining what you can expect from them.
2. Check the reviews.
If the website has been operating for a while then they may well have some user reviews online for the girls. These are very important to consider when booking a girl. If the girl isn’t a new one and she has no reviews you have to question why. If it’s your first time with a particular London escort agency then we strongly urge you to go for a girl with lots of reviews; this way you can guarantee your pleasure whilst getting a good feel for the way the agency operates.

3. Make a list of three or four girls before you call.
This is always a good tip because you might just be unlucky and the operator could tell you the girl you’ve chosen is busy at the time you want her, or she may not be available at all. In this situation some customers go for the next girl that the operator advises them to take, but if you have a second, third and perhaps a fourth choice you’ll still get someone you like and you won’t feel pressured to make a choice on the telephone.

4. Know if you want incall or outcall.
Again, it might sound ridiculous, but you’d be surprised at how many people are caught out by this when they call up. It’s all good and well choosing a girl you really like, but you are only going to be disappointed if you find out she’s only available for outcall when you wanted incall.

5. Know your budget and shop around.
Knowing how much you are expected to pay by way of average is a pretty good way of getting value for money. Shop around a little when it comes to London escort agencies. Many of them will be pretty much the same, but some of them can be a little overpriced and you may find that the same level of service and quality of escort is available elsewhere. It’s also good to set yourself a limit when it comes to your spending on an escort girl; particularly if you plan to take them out anywhere with you, these girls aren’t cheap you know!