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Why I enjoy feeling sexy for myself?

Recently, me and one of the girls from Acton Escorts, Jane, raised the issue of sexuality and the question is the following: why is a woman beautiful, bright, young, she looks very sexy, but she doesn’t feel so. A lot of women look sexy and vibrant, but they don’t feel the confidence and potential. It is not that they are cold; they just don’t feel this energy. Why? Because the psychological immaturity blocks it!


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These women, who are “stuck in the childhood,” usually possess only the outer side of sexuality.


What such duality could result in?


Jane from Acton Escorts tells, that this may result in disappointment in the relationship and the inability to build a relationship. Man, when he sees a woman who looks sexy, is expecting for her to be sexy as well? He is waiting for a contact and interaction in terms of sexual relationship, because she looks like that! And such an immature woman is waiting to be cared about, cherished, guarded; she is waiting for a man to solve her problems, just like her father would do. Both men and women in this case are disappointed. A woman does not get what she expects; she feels offended and falls into a state of the victim. She becomes naughty and manipulative, hoping to get what she expects. Man feels deceived. When we see a gorgeously wrapped candy, we expect that it has the same content, and when we get a different picture, we are disappointed.


External and internal must be the same!

Jane from Acton Escorts compares women to apples. If you look like a juicy, mature apple – inside you have to be the same! We need to grow up! Every adult woman is sexy by her nature. Sexuality is the ability of enjoying the intimate life, and not waiting for protection and parental love. It is a special power of fullness, the love to your-self, to your body. Only in this state a woman can get the greatest pleasure from intercourse with a man. You need to get familiar with your negative emotions that you are being followed since childhood: resentment, pain, fear, frustration. Those unresolved problems from the past can ruin your life now.


Another advice from Jane in Acton Escorts is that we need to develop sensitivity and sensuality. Modern women think a lot and feel a little! Men do not need learnt by heart sexy poses; instead, he needs a sensual woman, with the ability to enjoy and give pleasure! Female should be able to study the reactions of his body. Develop a sense of smell. What objects, sensations, smells and sounds include your sexuality?


Also, Jane from Acton Escorts recommends relaxing! If you are under stress, lack sleep and constantly experience fatigue, your inner sexuality equals to zero. Allow yourself to be yourself with the ins and outs, with advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to be good and sexy at the same time! An adult woman loves herself, and is aware of her shortcomings, but she has the power to accept them and live with them peacefully. Child, on the other hand, lives in a world of fantasy and perfection, and seeks for changes to correct this imperfect world.

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