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Why did you become an escort?

I find it interesting to learn why certain ladies choose to become escorts. I invited a couple of Kingston escorts to join me for coffee so that we could have a chat about their choices and lifestyles. Many Kingston escorts seem to have a very professional approach towards their calling, and I thought it would be interesting to find out why they became Kingston escorts. Many of the Kingston escorts that work for premiere Kingston escorts agencies are also well educated, and that has fascinated me as well.


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It is very difficult to decide on a profession and it does not matter how good of an education your parents have given you. Your career choice is often yours for life, and you need to be able to appreciate that it can be difficult to change your line of work or business. There is any realy career guidance for escorts, so why do so many ladies decide to become escorts?

Ex Porn Stars

Many of the ladies that we spoke to used to work as porn stars or underwear models. They sat that at first it sounds like a very attractive career, and many porn studios promise you the earth to be their porn star. Apparently, the same thing goes for modelling. Many ladies get promised a lot by agencies, studios and photographers, but when it comes down to it, they job is not that well paid.

It is not on hardly to break into modelling it turns out, it is also very difficult to make a living from being a model. Porn stars said the same thing. There is not enough porn movies made in the UK to make a living from, so many girls move to the US only to be taken advantage of in a big way. A lot of porn studios in the US expect you to have unprotected sex, and this simply isn’t the UK way. Most of the girls end up coming home.

Strippers and dancers

Some of the girls that we spoke to had also been strippers and dancers. A lot of the ladies said that they had enjoyed it, but the hours were bad. They had to work through the night sometimes, and they just ended up like vampires in the end. The girls said that they felt that they did not see day light. On top of that, the pay was pretty bad and most of the men they danced for wanted something more.

They felt that many club owners treated dancing girls badly as well, and many men tried to do the nasty during private lap dances. Overall, it was not the profession for them.

The girls become escorts after discovering it paid more money than stripping or modelling, and the hours were better as well. Working conditions are also better, and many of the agencies help the girls to find nice boudoirs. Agency bosses also give the girls advice, and a lot of the madams are very caring as well. You get a lot more support in the escorts business than you do in any of the other businesses.