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Does she not feel guilty?

I started to work for an East London escorts service not so long ago. When I first joined the agency, I did not really have a lot of experience, but one of the girls at the agency took me under her wing. She had plenty of experience of working for escort services in London, and from what I could tell, she had done well. For some reason, she seemed to change agencies every so often. When I asked her why, she told me that you have to “upgrade” yourself.

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After knowing my new found friend at East London escorts for a couple of weeks, I could see what she meant. She really seemed to enjoy the company of gents. Not only that, she was excellent at getting things out of gents. Even guys who did not have a lot of money, used to buy her things like body lotion. The other guys who were a lot wealthier, used to enjoy treating her to things like new watches, jewellery or handbags.

Personally I was a bit taken back, and often wondered if she did not feel guilty. She told me that the gents were meeting at East London escorts was getting something out of the experience of spending time with us, and why should we feel guilty if they gave us presents. It was all done in such a charming way that I am pretty sure that these gents did not realise that were being slightly “fleeced” and taken advantage of at the same time they enjoyed the company of my friend at East London escorts.

After a couple of months, my friend invited me to her flat. She had a two bedroom flat in a rather nice part of London. She told me that the flat had been bought with her earnings from escorting in London. I was a bit taken back, but she told me that she had sold jewellery for about £100,000 to buy the flat. The jewellery had come from the gents that she dated at various escort agencies before she joined East London escorts.

She opened one closet after another, and showed me her expensive hand bag collection. Then she started to go through her jewellery collection. To my surprise, she could remember the names of all of the gents who had gifted her with jewellery and bags. She said that she was doing well at East London escorts, and if it all came right, she would end her escorting career with East London escort services. Her collection of “goodies” would be sold off and she would retire. She was true to her word, and a couple of months later, she retired and started to work in a posh shop in London. We keep in touch, and from what I understand, she has not given up her career as a gold digger. Mind you, I am not doing that badly myself. Do I feel guilty? No, I don’t really. So many gents seem to enjoy spoiling you.