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A beautiful lady that makes my heart beat is an Ascot escort



One of the most beautiful things in life is to fall in love with someone, and they love you back. Someone to hold our hand and gave us reasons to live. Someone that will enlighten my mind to think positively and go beyond to my life. Someone that will keep my hand and touch my life forever. We all want someone to be with us, and guide us all the way. Someone that gives us their everything, and won’t doubt to love us. A love that is real and sincere is all we need. When we are in love, everything goes right and perfect. All we want is someone to understand us when everyone can’t understands us. We all want someone to be in our side and remind us that we are worthy and valuable. When we have someone at our side, everything goes with the flow, and we are inspired to rise. Someone that won’t get tired of loving us is everything, they are the kind of people to be a treasure and gave our lives. Many of us want to have a relationship that is the everlasting and long term. A type of relationship that is good for us and to our soul. A relationship that motivates us to go beyond in our life. Life may seem hard, but having someone go through it make it easier. When we are in love; it feels like the world is on our favor, it gives direction in your life and enlightens our way.


All my life, I want to have someone to care and love me. Someone that will see my worth rather than my flaws and mistakes in life. I need someone that won’t give up on me, no matter how hard I am. Someone to hold my hand when we were old and gray. M life is a mess, and the chaotic society I live in. Most people at my place has lost hope already, no education and become a parent at a young age. My parents got divorced, dad cheated on mom, and so my mom is devastated and hard to accept the truth. She lost her mind, and life too. She ignored us and all her responsibility, and so I have to strive hard for my siblings. I did finished college because of my hard work until I have built a business and slowly change my life. I went to Ascot to meet some potential investor and booked an Ascot Escort from, at first glance, I love at first sight with her. She has an alluring beauty, and she steals my heart.

Ways to keep the relationship alive with a Whitechapel escort


If you want to have a happy and successful relationship, always remember that there are ways to keep a relationship alive. Love is a great feeling, and all of us want to have and experience it. It brought joy and strength to our life. And because of it, we believe in fairy tales and happy ending in life. Life could be more beautiful if we have someone on our side, someone who could see our worth and love us genuinely. Someone who would never leave us no matter what happened. We are always looking for someone that keeps promises. Someone that knows how to handle responsibilities and limitations in life. Someone who is always there that makes us believe that we are worth to love and care. Someone who won’t tired of loving us and show us the real world.


One moment of my life, I met this beautiful lady. Aside from her alluring beauty she also has his good personality that I have admired the most. She is lovely, and at the same time, she helps me to overcome my problems in life. She is perfect for me, and all that matter is her. I met her when I went to Whitechapel for vacation. I never expected to meet and got a chance to court her. I thought she is mean and, but when I got to know her, she has a soft heart. She works as a Whitechapel escort from We exchange messages first, then go hangouts until an official date. I fall in love with her every day, and cannot help myself. I did my best and made efforts, until such time she accepted my love. We have a smooth relationship and feel grateful to have her in my life. She is a fantastic woman, and we still share each other for seven years now. If you want to know how we keep our relationship alive, continue reading:


  1. Spare time and attention

Always think how time and attention needs in a relationship, it is essential to make your partner love. And in that way you have secure your connection, perhaps you can do many things such as watch movie together, make out of love, communicating, cook, etc. You need to prioritize each other to be able to have a smooth relationship.


  1. Go out on a date

Even though you are together, dating should always be part of the list. And in this way, you can assure that your relationship is alive. Dating makes your partner happy; you can discuss your day and talk to each other openly. Dates are vital in a relationship; perhaps small dates will do.